Fee Schedules

Initial Inquiries

We do not charge for brief initial consultations. The initial consultation can usually be done with a scheduled phone call of less than 30 minutes. This call will determine whether the use of Mediation will be helpful in resolving your case. Of course, most issues can be solved with Mediation.

Hourly Rates

Our rates in Virginia are identified below. In the District of Columbia, the hourly rate is $50.00 additional per hour. Depending upon the circumstances, a mediation session may only require half a day, but most cases are blocked out for the entire day. If the parties want to continue past regularly scheduled business hours this can usually be accommodated, but the fee will be increased $50.00 per hour past 7 PM. All fees are based on any cumulative hour that has begun. For example, if the Mediation began at 9 AM and ended at 5:40 PM the charge will be for the entire 5 PM hour. Unless all parties agree to the contrary, there will be a ½ hour break for every 4 hours included.

1. Domestic Relations Matters – $450/hr

2. General Civil Litigation – $450/hr

3. Complex Civil Litigation – Contact us to discuss

Additional Information

While we do not charge for brief initial consultations, the hourly fees apply to any preparation time, including review of party submissions, as well as any extensive follow-up with counsel in excess of thirty (30) minutes.

Counsel will be responsible for the preparation of any Stipulations, Orders and/or Decrees necessary to reflect agreements reached during Mediation, as well as any Arbitration Awards resulting from those Hearings.

Sessions cancelled with less than 72 hours notice will result in a cancellation fee of two (2) hours at the applicable rate, unless otherwise agreed.

Multiple Sessions / Unusual Circumstances

In the event that multiple sessions are likely to be required, the above-listed rates can be negotiated.

If you have extraordinary circumstances, please feel free to contact us to discuss.